A new and special addition has arrived at the Music Store - Hokema kalimbas and sansulas.
In this article, we will introduce the history and work of the Hokema company, as well as take a closer look at the Hokema instruments found in the Music Store.


What is Hokema? 

Founded in 1985 in a small German town, the family company has grown into one of the world's leading manufacturers of kalimbas and sansulas. In addition to high quality standards, Hokema has become notable for its innovative approach to the sound and production of kalimbas.

Holding one of Hokem's instruments in your hands, you immediately feel the quality with which the company has earned respect around the world. Made in Germany, kalimbas and sansulas are handmade using only the highest quality materials.

In addition, the company pays special attention to sustainability issues - environmentally friendly materials are used for the instruments and their packaging, and solar energy is used in production processes.


What is Hokema's sansula?

In 2001, the company experienced a big breakthrough when Peter Hokema (the founder and owner of the company) invented and patented sansula. Unlike a regular kalimba, the sansula has a different body construction, designed for extra resonance. The wooden base with metal tones is fixed on a drum film, which is wrapped around the wooden body. In this way, the instrument not only gets a richer and louder tone, but also a longer sound that can be used to produce a vibrato-like effect.

Sansula Basic is currently available in Music Store in two sizes - with 9 A minor tones and 11 G major tones. The diaphragm of this sansula model is made of cellulose and sounds great, but it should be protected from moisture and sharp objects. A durable case is available for the 9-tab model to protect the instrument.

If you are looking for a sansula suitable for both adults and children, then the Sansula Renaissance is the one for you! It was specially created for use in schools and kindergartens. The membrane of this sansula is made of REMO plastic drum film, so it will be much more durable without compromising the sound.



Hokema kalimbas

Hokema classic kalimbas are available in different sizes, tunings and different number of tones (with 7, 9, 11, 15, 17 and 18 tone tabs). The body of these instruments is made of carefully processed, high-quality American cherry wood, which is pleasant to hold.

7- and 9-tone Hokema kalimbas are available in Elektro versions, equipped with a built-in Piezo pickup (with 6.35 mm jack output). This will allow you to record sound from the instrument without additional microphones.
The Hokema Twin kalimba is a special model equipped with 2 sets of reeds (2x 9) and allows the instrument to be played in pairs. The Twin Kalimba can be used as a therapy or meditation tool, and can also be turned into a fun game with friends or family.

Hokema kalimbas and other musical instruments can be viewed and tried out at the Music Store at Ulbrokas Street 30, as well as ordered on the website.