Choosing the right instrument is very important when starting to learn guitar. In this article, we'll explore some of the best options for beginners, covering both classical (nylon-string) and acoustic (metal-string) guitars.



1. Valencia

Valencia is a well-known brand in the world of classical guitars. These guitars are among the most popular for beginners because they offer good quality combined with an attractive price. The most popular are the Valencia 200 series guitars, they are available in different sizes and color variations. These guitars have a warm and balanced tone, and their matte bodies are comfortable to play and very easy to maintain. In conclusion, Valencia guitars are designed to make learning and practicing accessible and enjoyable for beginners.


2. Salvador Cortez

Salvador Cortez guitars are built according to traditional Spanish methods, using the highest quality materials. This brand's classical guitars are crafted with precision and respect for the traditions of guitar building, demonstrating the brand's commitment to producing instruments that combine exquisite craftsmanship with rich, resonant tones. The Salvador Cortez Prima-C (matt body) and Nova-C (lacquered body) are the most affordable models, especially popular among beginners who want an instrument with an individual soul.


3. Cort

Cort is another reputable brand that excels at making beginner-friendly classical guitars. A popular choice are the Cort Classic Series (AC) traditional style guitars that feature enhanced resonance. The AC100DX classical guitar is especially popular among the customers of the Music Store. With a laminated spruce body top and mahogany sides and bottom, this guitar delivers a rich, full-bodied sound as well as a visual delight.




For those interested in acoustic guitars, the SX brand offers a range of affordable and well-built instruments. The SX SD104 series guitars are great for beginners because of their price and consistent build quality. With a focus on ease of use and a bright, versatile tone, these guitars are perfect for those just starting to explore the world of acoustic guitar.



Known for its quality and value, Cort also excels in the acoustic guitar department. Cort Earth 60 Series guitars are built with a solid wood top for a more pronounced body resonance that will only improve over time. These models are suitable for beginners who are looking for a reliable and sounding instrument. Earth 60 guitars offer a balanced and articulate tone, making them ideal for a variety of playing styles, and their quality construction ensures an enjoyable learning experience.


3. Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge is a relatively new brand that has been able to gain popularity with high quality acoustic guitars. The Baton Rouge X11LS is an acoustic guitar suitable for beginners looking for a comfortable and easy-to-play instrument. With its clear and warm tone, this guitar provides versatility and convenience for those beginning their musical journey.