Martin Authentic Acoustics Strings

Martin Authentic Acoustics Strings

matiss 01/03/2019 0
C.F. Martin and Co. has long been a leading manufacturer of guitar strings. Having recently introduc...
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Flight ukuleles

Flight ukuleles

matiss 03/10/2018 0
Muzikas Veikals regularly expands the range of products and now we sell the new Flight soprano and c...
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Korala Performer Series concert ukulele.Ultra-thin body All dao wood With guitar machine..
text_tax 69.00€
Korala Performer Series soprano ukulele.All dao wood With guitar machine heads Okouma fi..
text_tax 59.00€
Korala Performer Series tenor ukulele.All dao wood With guitar machine heads Okouma fing..
text_tax 89.00€
Korala Performer Series concert ukuleleAll dao wood With guitar machine heads Okouma fin..
text_tax 69.00€
88 Keys with scaled hammer action II (Tri-Sensor) synthetic ebony/ivory keyboard 19 Sounds Mu..
text_tax 899.00€
A100 features a library of over 508 voices, 180 styles and 120 songs. All you have to do is to se..
225.00€ 199.00€
text_tax 199.00€
88 Keys with scaled hammer action II (tri sensor) Synthetic ebony/ ivory keyboard Multi dimensi..
text_tax 1,149.00€
88 Keys with scaled hammer action II (Tri-Sensor) synthetic ebony/ivory keyboard 19 Sounds Mu..
text_tax 899.00€
88 Keys with scaled hammer mechanics II (Tri-Sensor) Synthetic "ebony / ivory" keyboa..
text_tax 945.00€
Topboard: Solid Mahogany Back: Curly Malapoga Sides: Curly Malapoga Bindings: Mahogany Inla..
text_tax 80.00€
Microphone arm Fully flexible With table mount clamp  Color: White..
text_tax 12.00€
Ukulele strap with adjustable neck band.Blue 30 mm. wide..
text_tax 4.00€
Model: Medium Material: Chrome plated steel Rubberwood (Hevea brasiliensis Muell.-Arg.) Spe..
text_tax 49.00€
Model: Medium Wood body with steel tines Material: Rubberwood Ergonomically formed body 9..
text_tax 30.00€
Go-Sound family is now enhanced by a new battery-powered portable PA series with 12” and 15&r..
text_tax 229.00€
4-daļīga nošu pults komplektā ar nošu pults somiņu.Krāsa: Melna. Nošu ..
text_tax 12.00€
Hromatiskais skaņotājs (visa veida ģitārām, vijolēm un ukulelēm).Krāsains displejs, kas maina..
text_tax 10.00€
Body: Nato with Arched Back Neck: Mahogany Fingerboard: Teak Bridge: Teak Frets: 12, Nick..
text_tax 45.00€
Gewa Pure Egg shape shaker.Different colors Price is per 1 pcs...
text_tax 1.00€
The G Series represents a logical evolution of the term "vintage". It is modern yet retain..
125.00€ 99.00€
text_tax 99.00€
Martin Strings are the acoustic string of choice for musicians around the world. Wound to exacti..
text_tax 6.00€
D'Addario Classics string set, clear nylon trebles and silverplated basses, normal tension: 028-..
text_tax 6.50€
Meinl HDJ1-S Congo Djembe. This instrument is produced with much attention to detail, providing a ph..
text_tax 69.00€
M211K is compact in size but it is equipped with functions and playability for any aspiring musician..
text_tax 139.00€
Small in size, big in sound. Light, affordable, and packed with premium features, the NUC310 is the..
text_tax 69.00€
Top: Sitka spruce Back & sides: Nato Neck: Mahogany Fingerboard: Teak Scale: 650mm ..
text_tax 75.00€
EXL110, D'Addario's best selling set, offers the ideal combination of tone, flexibility and ..
text_tax 6.00€
Universāls statīvs taustiņinstrumentiem.Svars: 2 kg. Pieļaujamais smagums: 30 kg. Minimāl..
25.00€ 20.00€
text_tax 20.00€
6-piece guitar pick kit Cell SetCelluloid Size: 0.46; 0.71; 0.81; 0.96; 1.2; 1.5..
text_tax 1.50€
Metāla notis 25 gab. Toņi: G2-G4 Komplektā ar 2 gab. plastmasas vālītēm...
text_tax 25.00€
A perfect guitar for players just starting out or on a budget. The beautiful mahogany finish captur..
text_tax 179.00€
The total drum set package. For the beginning drummer, looking to take their first step on their pe..
449.00€ 399.00€
text_tax 399.00€
SP4000 is a lightweight and space saving solution for stage performance, studio and home at an affor..
419.00€ 399.00€
text_tax 399.00€
The Dean AXS Prodigy Acoustic Guitar Package offers both style and value at an affordable price! Th..
149.00€ 129.00€
text_tax 129.00€
With its new sleek foldable design, DD401 is the perfect drum kit to bring along for gigs, home prac..
269.00€ 229.00€
text_tax 229.00€
MIGHTY 30SE Programmable Digital Guitar AmplifierTS/AC technology, Clean, 6 Distortion ..
180.00€ 139.00€
text_tax 139.00€
The Dean AXS Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar is an affordable steel-string with a full sound and great l..
159.00€ 129.00€
text_tax 129.00€
“Kahiko” is the traditional form of the Hawaiian Hula dance. Mahalo had a vision to recr..
32.00€ 27.00€
text_tax 27.00€
Ērta un parocīga portatīvā sistēma ar 4 kanāliem, efektiem un 140w jaudu.Izturīgs un viegls ABS..
349.00€ 299.00€
text_tax 299.00€
Satin finish piano bench with leather seat.Seat: Imitation leather (black) Height 48 cm ..
55.00€ 45.00€
text_tax 45.00€