tiek izmantotas sīkdatnes, lai nodrošinātu mūsu tīkla vietnes darbību, uzlabotu piedāvāto pakalpojumu kvalitāti un uzlabotu Jūsu tīkla vietņu apmeklēšanas pieredzi. Uzzināt vairāk.


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Gatt Audio monitoring headphones HP-10

Type: Wired, closed design Transducer type: Dynamic Driver diameter: Ø40mm Sensitivi..

16.00€ Ex Tax: 13.22€

Soundsation Bluetooth Headphones MH-70BT

Excellent performance in many music applications and in the management of telephone calls. Long last..

22.00€ Ex Tax: 18.18€

Gewa Audio Headphones HP-Six

Dynamic stereo headphones Circumaural, semi-open Padding for comfortable wearing Perfect su..

25.00€ Ex Tax: 20.66€

Multimedia USB Stereo Headphone MH-80U

Headphone with Plug & Play USB connection Compatibility with PC, MAC, PS4® and XBOX®..

25.00€ Ex Tax: 20.66€

Professional Over-Ear Monitor Headphones MH-100

Lightweight, comfortable and robust professional headphones designed even for long periods. The clos..

35.00€ Ex Tax: 28.93€

Alpha Audio Headphones HP-Two

Dynamic Studio headphones Circumaural, semi-open Self-adjusting headband for comfortable wear..

39.00€ Ex Tax: 32.23€

Behringer Bluetooth Headphones BB-560M

Listening and speaking combination with Bluetooth Wireless headset with Bluetooth connectivity ..

39.00€ Ex Tax: 32.23€

Headphone amplifier Pocket-Amp

4 channel mini headphone amplifier with power supplier.Pocket series has been conceived to satis..

39.00€ Ex Tax: 32.23€

Alpha Audio Headphones HP-Three

Dynamic headphones for studio and stage Circumaural, closed back Self-adjusting headband for ..

49.00€ Ex Tax: 40.50€

Behringer Headphones with Bluetooth HC-2000BNC

Active Noise Cancelling Headphones with Bluetooth Over-ear Closed Wireless via Bluetooth V ..

49.00€ Ex Tax: 40.50€

High-Grade Closed-Back Studio Headphones MH-500

Lightweight yet robust construction to achieve maximum comfort and high-attenuation of background n..

49.00€ Ex Tax: 40.50€

Headphone Amplifier PHT-2

Headphone Amplifier.PHT-2 is a versatile portable headphone preamp. It has two channels tha..

55.00€ Ex Tax: 45.45€

Gewa Audio Headphones HP-Nine X

Monitoring Headphones Closed Ear-mounted Frequency range: 12 - 28,000 Hz Impedance: 32 Oh..

59.00€ Ex Tax: 48.76€

Arhat Singing Bowl Handmade masterpiece Authentic rustic design Material: Bronze brass Di..
Ex Tax: 81.82€
Violin chin rest Dresden model For 3/4 and 4/4 violins..
Ex Tax: 6.61€
SH-550 is a very durable shock mount microphone stand with basket design. Provides an isolated area ..
Ex Tax: 28.93€
Ernie Ball Slinky Paradigm Electric guitar strings provide unprecedented strength and longer life wh..
Ex Tax: 14.88€
The Nashville GSD-60 series is grouped under the category western guitars and is an ideal inst..
Ex Tax: 78.51€
The Nux Tubeman is an overdrive pedal which has incredible response on mid frequencies, giving you ..
Ex Tax: 28.93€
Juno reeds are specially made for student performance from select cane grown on the Mediterranean co..
Ex Tax: 1.57€
Juno reeds are specially made for student performance from select cane grown on the Mediterranean co..
Ex Tax: 1.98€
American Hickory Size: 7A Lenght: 395 mm Diameter: 13,8 mm Made in Germany..
Ex Tax: 5.79€
American Hickory Size: 5A Lenght: 405 mm Diameter: 14,3 mm Made in Germany..
Ex Tax: 5.79€
American Hickory Size: 5B Lenght: 405 mm Diameter: 15,2 mm Made in Germany..
Ex Tax: 5.79€
Bass Guitar String set - Fender Stainless 9050s Light Stainless Steel flatwound Gauges: 05..
Ex Tax: 32.23€
Body: Nato with Arched Back Neck: Mahogany Fingerboard: Teak Bridge: Teak Frets: 12, Nick..
55.00€ 44.00€
Ex Tax: 36.36€
Type: Soprano Body: Sengon Neck: Sengon Fingerboard: Mahogany Bridge: Engineered Rosewood..
49.00€ 39.00€
Ex Tax: 32.23€
The Dean AXS Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar is an affordable steel-string with a full sound and great l..
179.00€ 159.00€
Ex Tax: 131.40€
NUX B2 is a digital wireless system designed for maximum compatibility for home or studio rehearsals..
99.00€ 89.00€
Ex Tax: 73.55€
T-29C Chromatic Tuner is the first auto clip-on tuner of its kind in the world. While the tuner is c..
Ex Tax: 8.26€
Kazoo wind instrument.Colors: Red, blue, green, purple, orange and yellow Length: 12 cm M..
Ex Tax: 0.83€
Shaker egg Plastic Length: 5,6 cm Diameter: 4 cm Colour: Purple..
Ex Tax: 0.83€
Chromatic tuner (for all type guitars, violins and ukuleles).Quick and accurate tuning T..
10.00€ 8.00€
Ex Tax: 6.61€
Vandoren Alto Saxophone Traditional Reeds.Traditional reeds are known for their excellent r..
Ex Tax: 2.64€
MC-2 is designed for acoustic guitar. The finest high quality silica gel can efficiently protect you..
Ex Tax: 5.79€