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PA Systems

PA Systems
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Mini Amplifier with microphone Takstar E188

Portable amplifier for teachers , tour guide and speakers to small group CLASS D digital module..

35.00€ Ex Tax: 28.93€

Mini Amplifier with microphone and Bluetooth Takstar E270

Portable digital amplifier combining microphone, power amplifier, Bluetooth speaker function, cha..

45.00€ Ex Tax: 37.19€

Active Speaker with MP3/ Bluetooth GO-SOUND 8AIR (250W)

Portable 2-Way Active Speaker with Rechargeable Battery Sturdy polypropylene enclosure yet comp..

169.00€ Ex Tax: 139.67€

Active Speaker with MP3/ Bluetooth GO-SOUND 10AIR (360W)

Portable 2-Way Active Speaker with Trolley and Rechargeable Battery Sturdy polypropylene enclos..

199.00€ Ex Tax: 164.46€

Portable PA System VISA 140

Ready to perform wherever you go. There is a lot to say about where your music leads. DJ-Tech’..

349.00€ 249.00€ Ex Tax: 205.79€

Portable PA system Blackport-80BTRW Bluetooth

Portable battery-powered PA system 80W 2-way active speaker with bass-reflex port Speaker:&nb..

289.00€ Ex Tax: 238.84€

Active Speaker with MP3/ Bluetooth GO-SOUND 12AIR (800W)

2-Way Active Speaker Sturdy polypropylene enclosure yet compact and lightweight 800W Class-AB..

319.00€ Ex Tax: 263.64€

Active Speaker with MP3/ Bluetooth GO-SOUND 15AIR (800W)

2-Way Active Speaker Sturdy polypropylene enclosure yet compact and lightweight 800W Class-AB..

349.00€ Ex Tax: 288.43€

Portable stereo PA system Blueport FX

Two passive speakers with integrated amplified mixer Class-D 2x100W (RMS) Amplifier Speakers ..

399.00€ Ex Tax: 329.75€

Portable PA System LIVEMAKER 1021 MIX

2.1 Compact PA System with 2 passive satellites and 1 active subwoofer 2 passive Tops with rein..

649.00€ Ex Tax: 536.36€

HK Audio Polar 8

Active High-Performance Column PA System 6x 2.5" Midrange speakers 8" Subwoofer P..

689.00€ Ex Tax: 569.42€

Portable PA System LIVEMAKER X SET

Compact PA System with 2 passive satellites and 1 active subwoofer 1 x Subwoofer with integrate..

789.00€ Ex Tax: 652.07€

HK Audio Polar 10

Active high-performance column PA system 1" Compression driver with CD horn 6x 3" C..

829.00€ Ex Tax: 685.12€

HK Audio Polar 12

Active Column PA System 2000 W Class D power amplifier Max. SPL (sound pressure level): 127 d..

925.00€ Ex Tax: 764.46€

Elixir® Electric Nickel Plated Steel Strings with OPTIWEB™ coating.Nickel-plated..
Ex Tax: 12.40€
Mini shaker - maracas. Material: Plastic and wood Color: Yellow 45g (one) Pric..
Ex Tax: 3.31€
C.A. Seydel Söhne Session Standard is a professional harmonica that is 100% made in Germany. It..
Ex Tax: 28.93€
Steel tongue drum Size: 10" 11 notes C-Major ionian: G3-A3-B3-C4-D4-E4-F4-G4-A4-B4-C..
Ex Tax: 57.02€
Sustain pedal for synthesizer, arranger and digital piano.Perfect control Sturdy PVC cha..
Ex Tax: 16.53€
Martin Authentic Acoustics use high-tensile-strength core wire, and Martin uses a tin-plating p..
Ex Tax: 6.61€
Top: Sapele Body: Sapele Fingerboard: Nandu Wood Bridge: Nandu Wood Machine heads: Chrom..
Ex Tax: 123.14€
Power: 20w Speaker: 8" Controls: High, High-Mid, Low-Mid, Low, Master, -10dB Input ..
Ex Tax: 106.61€
Gig Bag for Electric Guitar 15 mm Padding Shock-absorbing Powerpad Designer Collection Seri..
Ex Tax: 40.50€
Ibanez GSR180 bass guitar:Body: Okoume Neck: Maple Fretboard: Purpleheart fretboard Fre..
Ex Tax: 189.26€
Ibanez GSR180-BK bass guitar:Body: Okoume Neck: Maple Fretboard: Purpleheart fretboard ..
Ex Tax: 189.26€
Body: Okoume GSA neck: Maple Fretboard: Purpleheart with binding Bridge: T102 24 Jum..
Ex Tax: 214.05€
Body: Nato with Arched Back Neck: Mahogany Fingerboard: Teak Bridge: Teak Frets: 12, Nick..
55.00€ 44.00€
Ex Tax: 36.36€
Type: Soprano Body: Sengon Neck: Sengon Fingerboard: Mahogany Bridge: Engineered Rosewood..
49.00€ 39.00€
Ex Tax: 32.23€
The Dean AXS Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar is an affordable steel-string with a full sound and great l..
179.00€ 159.00€
Ex Tax: 131.40€
NUX B2 is a digital wireless system designed for maximum compatibility for home or studio rehearsals..
99.00€ 89.00€
Ex Tax: 73.55€
Get the mellow sound of nylon strings with the Valencia Series 100 classical guitar. The linden body..
140.00€ 120.00€
Ex Tax: 99.17€
T-29C Chromatic Tuner is the first auto clip-on tuner of its kind in the world. While the tuner is c..
Ex Tax: 8.26€
Kazoo wind instrument.Colors: Red, blue, green, purple, orange and yellow Length: 12 cm M..
Ex Tax: 0.83€
Shaker egg Plastic Length: 5,6 cm Diameter: 4 cm Colour: Purple..
Ex Tax: 0.83€
Chromatic tuner (for all type guitars, violins and ukuleles).Quick and accurate tuning T..
10.00€ 8.00€
Ex Tax: 6.61€
Vandoren Alto Saxophone Traditional Reeds.Traditional reeds are known for their excellent r..
Ex Tax: 2.64€
MC-2 is designed for acoustic guitar. The finest high quality silica gel can efficiently protect you..
Ex Tax: 5.79€