tiek izmantotas sīkdatnes, lai nodrošinātu mūsu tīkla vietnes darbību, uzlabotu piedāvāto pakalpojumu kvalitāti un uzlabotu Jūsu tīkla vietņu apmeklēšanas pieredzi. Uzzināt vairāk.

Returns and Warranty provides at least a 2-year warranty for all musical instruments if the customer is meeting the commitments of manufacturer's user instructions.

To avoid any misunderstandings, please read the product instructions carefully.

Warranty terms
Manufacturer's warranty is valid if the buyer can demonstrate:
- the purchase papers (bill or receipt);
- the manufacturer's or distributor's warranty card (if the manufacturer or distributor of the product included it).

Warranty does not apply to other product accessories, power elements (batteries, accumulators) and accessories which are a limited resource (strings, fuses, cables, headphones, microphones).

Manufacturer's warranty does not apply in the following cases:
- the product has a damaged warranty seal or serial number or the buyer himself has tried to remedy the damage;
- damage is caused by natural disasters (floods, storms, lightning, fire, earthquake);
- damaged by liquids, insects or a foreign substance entering the product;
- the buyer used a non-standard power supply units, accessories, spare parts or non-certified materials for the product and it caused damage to the product;
- damage is the result of voltage, telecommunication, cable networks that are non-compliance with the manufacturer's standards, rapid temperature fluctuations, as well as other domestic and external factors (smoke, dust, humidity, soot);
if the buyer doesn’t do a regular service maintenance (is meant for products to which that is a necessity).

In case the item is defective, please contact us to arrange a repair, or exchange of the product.


The buyer can use the right of withdrawal and return the item within 14 calendar days.
To avoid any confusion – at delivery receipt, make sure it is fully consistent with the ordered (manufacturer, model, color, size and other relevant parameters).

If you want to exercise the right of withdrawal, please note the following recommendations:
- check, but do not use the product;
- save and do not damage the original packaging and set (sealed plastic packages can be opened carefully with scissors or a stationery knife).

In case you want to return your purchase or if you have any questions about the warranty, please call us: +371 27889999, or write to: