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Martin Authentic Acoustics Strings

Posted by matiss 01/03/2019 0 Comment(s) News,

C.F. Martin and Co. has long been a leading manufacturer of guitar strings. Having recently introduced several completely new kinds of strings, including its Titanium Core, Retro, and Flexible Core SP sets, the company has now come out with the most advanced versions of its standard phosphor bronze and 80/20 bronze strings, called Authentic Acoustics.

All of the Authentic Acoustics use high-tensile-strength core wire, and Martin uses a tin-plating process on both the plain strings and core wire of the wound strings. This increases resistance to corrosion, leading to greater longevity and better feel for all strings.

Martin’s basic Authentic Acoustic set replaces the previous Acoustic and SP Acoustic sets, and is available in 80/20 bronze or 92/8 phosphor bronze. It is available in a wide range of gauges, and as a 12-string or silk-and-steel set.

The Authentic Acoustic Marquis Silked set replaces Martin’s previous Marquis string set. On the Silked strings, about an inch or so of silk wrapping is added to the standard Authentic Acoustic strings in the area immediately above the ball end. Acting as a layer of padding, this protects the contact points on the bridge and bridge plate from wear. Authentic Acoustic Marquis Silked sets are also available in 80/20 bronze and 92/8 phosphor bronze, and come in nearly as many choices of gauges as standard Authentic Acoustics.

The last of Martin’s new string sets is the Authentic Acoustic Lifespan 2.0. The latest version of Martin’s popular SP Lifespan strings, the Lifespan 2.0 strings use Martin’s patented anti-corrosion treatment, which leads to significantly longer life and a smoother feel. Like the other Authentic Acoustic strings, the Lifespan 2.0s come in 80/20 bronze and 92/8 phosphor bronze and in most common gauges.

I put a light-gauge set of the phosphor bronze Authentic Acoustic Lifespan 2.0s on my Martin OM before heading to a three-hour gig recently, and I was impressed with how the strings’ tone stayed consistent even a couple of weeks after that initial trial. They also felt more like standard strings than some other treated or coated strings.