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Manuel Rodriguez Classical guitars

Posted by matiss 09/02/2023 0 Comment(s) News,

Muzikas Veikals has expanded the range of classical guitars to include M.Rodriguez's new series of instruments - ECOLOGIA, TRADICION, ACADEMIA, SUPERIOR and MAGISTRAL.


"Guiatarras Manuel Rodriguez" is the second most experienced guitar manufacturing company in Spain, founded in 1905. Today, the company combines Spanish guitar manufacturing techniques cultivated over many generations with a modern world vision and values. Made in Europe, the instruments are handcrafted and have gained recognition for the sound and quality of the guitars. In addition to the search for the best sound, M.Rodriguez's team pays great attention to the improvement of production materials and processes with the aim of reducing pollution.


ECOLOGIA and TRADICION instruments are based on European guitar manufacturing traditions. Their structure, appearance and sound are close to the classic guitars created by masters several generations ago. Following tradition, the Ecologia guitar is built only from wood available in Europe - spruce, walnut, maple and acacia.


ACADEMIA, SUPERIOR and MAGISTRAL instruments are made according to the original Spanish Heel construction method, which has been recognized as the royal standard in the production of classical guitars since the 19th century. Here the guitar is built around the neck instead of building the body of the guitar and then adding the fingerboard. This method requires special precision, but the guitar has a faster response, better sustain and is significantly more stable in its overall construction.


**The GEWA armrest is a conceptual component of every Manuel Rodriguez 4/4 guitar. Many guitarists find the hard edge at the top of the side uncomfortable. Prolonged playing can hinder blood circulation and lead to numbness or even pain in the forearm. The GEWA armrest is slightly rounded and provides a pleasant playing feel.
Although the popular bevels in the armrest area also offer this advantage, with the GEWA armrest the sound-board, in its full surface, can vibrate completely freely and develop its sound, as it is not dampened by the arm being placed upon it.


The environment concerns us all, but the valuable wood of a guitar must be protected by a lacquer. Water-based, environmentally friendly eco-varnish is used for M.Rodriguez guitars. The proportion of volatile organic compounds here is less than ten percent. In the wake of increased sustainability, from production to disposal, water-based lacquers are an important step in the right direction.

M.Rodriguez guitars are available in 3/4, 7/8 and 4/4 sizes. You can view and buy them on the website or in our store - Riga, Ulbrokas Street 30.