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Blubberschlauch vocal tube

Posted by matiss 09/03/2023 0 Comment(s) News,

Muzikas Veikals has news not only for those who play a music instrument, but also for those whose “instrument” is the voice!

Blubberschlauch vocal tube is a tool for voice care, warm-up and training. The first positive effects can be observed after 2-3 minutes of training - the voice feels more relaxed and free. It is made of high-quality and health-safe silicone material. These vocal tubes are used by singers, actors, public speakers, speech therapists and more. Voice therapy using Blubberschlauch is based on a method developed by Finnish phonetician Antti Sovijärvi in the 1960s. Finnish speech therapist Marketta Sihvo adapted and optimized this form of therapy to treat various voice disorders.

The Blubberschlauch voice trainer is useful in many cases:

→ If the voice quickly "gets tired" from singing or speaking, and from time to time you suffer from voice overload.
The resistance created by the bottled water when singing into the tube causes the abdominal and diaphragm muscles to activate, removing excess tension from the vocal cords.

→ If you want to warm up your voice without disturbing others with loud exercises.
Just as it is important to warm up before sports training, warming up is also necessary before singing or when you need to use your voice for a long time - before concerts, rehearsals, music lessons, before public speeches, long video calls, etc.
The resistance created by the water will dampen the sound and make the vocal warm-up process much quieter without detracting from the effectiveness of the exercises.

→ If you want to develop and strengthen a correct voice production technique that does not damage the vocal cords in the long term.
Whether using the voice for singing or speaking, it is important to learn how to properly use the support of the body to create sound. Using Blubberschlauch will make a difference in your voice even after a few minutes, but it is best to practice regularly. When regularly practicing with the vocal tube, the correct voice production technique will become more and more natural. Once the “right” feeling when singing is established in the muscle memory, you won't have to think about it anymore, because the body will already be used to using the support of the diaphragm in making the sound.

At you can buy the Blubberschlauch vocal tube both separately and in a set.
The kit includes everything you need to start training:
- the vocal tube made of medical silicone;
- a special, resealable bottle;
- a tube attachment that screws onto the bottle. This will help you control how deep it is submerged in the water by adjusting the strength of the resistance.